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The cat’s in the bag…


Well, actually right now she’s on the table, nuzzling me as I type. What’s in the bag is my mother’s birthday present! Sneaky beast that I am, I’ve managed to get it all done while she’s not looking and tatted the bag for an extra special little something. What’s in the bag? (Other than a cat having once been there?) The answer: Shabby Quilted Bunting!

It’s been my secret project for a few days now and I’m super pleased with it! It’s especially for the laundry room, to fill a space she insisted needed another cute sign and “Am could make one for me (nudge nudge, wink wink)”… thus the idea was born. It looks lovely next to her Three Little Kittens Laundry Service placard.

I had to hang it up and give it a test run. (It sure looks pretty in my window… perhaps I shall make one for myself.) I’m tickled at how well it goes with the room it is destined to inhabit.

Such a fun project too! Quilting the little squares together and shabbily appliqué-ing the letters! And it was fast, I honestly surprised myself by only taking a couple days (a few hours at a time) to finish it.

And there you have it, happy bunting to make laundry time prettier! All that’s left is to find some vintage scarves to paper the bag with and it’s ready for gifting! Hurray!

Have a wonderful day!

Warm regards,