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Blast Off!


This week is vacation week and we’ve been on the go! We scuttled about the yard (putting in a new retaining wall for the front flower beds, cleaned out the garage and the barn, and set to work on sealing the drive) and straightened up the house (you wouldn’t know it for all the mess we pulled back out to organise). But the crown jewel, the most exciting part of the whole vacation, was our visit to the Space Center.

I love crafting, but if there’s one thing I love as much (if not more) than making things with my hands it would be NASA. I lost track of how many times I slipped off to Smithsonian and the Udvar-Hazy Center while living on the East Coast. And now, after nearly 20 years, I have be able to check out Marshall Space Flight Center once again. Next step: Canaveral 2014!

Anyway, we had a blast, took hundreds of photos (a hundred on my phone alone), got within inches of Apollo capsules and moon rocks…

Took a walk in a Rocket Garden…

Stood under 363ft tall 3,349.5ton (6,699,000lb) Saturn V rocket…

Discovered that Tang wasn’t the only official beverage of NASA in the ’60s…

And thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun on a trip. We got to see the mock up for the new Orion spacecraft capsule, dodged mass amounts of school children (alright, so that part wasn’t so fun), took a simulated trip to Mars, and learned just how much space junk is floating above our heads this very instant. We ate Astro Dogs and Gemini Dogs and got our fixes of Frozen Coke and popcorn. Outfitted ourselves in high NASA fashion and spaced out our keychains.

All in all, grand success with the promise of returning in the near future. Such fun! Very much looking forward to doing it again – and soon!

Hope everyone else has had a wonderful week! Take care!

Warm regards,