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Sew fabulous!


I get excited about things very easily, so when my friend Mary said her granddaughter was coming into town I had a bought of inspiration. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at clothing for a while and just around the same time as I found out Lily was visiting I came across the Perfect Pattern™ for such an occasion! I was rifling through posts at The Cottage Home blog and lo-and-behold there it was. I got to work almost immediately. (The following morning counts right?) And in a couple short days (spits and spats where time permitted), I had a completed Party Dress!

Sadly, the lighting was terrible for progress shots — and I’m awful at taking a moment when in sewing mode to step back and snap a frame. Since it all came together so fast (fast enough that I’ll be able to get it to her before they travel back their long journey home), I’m not too upset about that.

The pattern itself is brilliantly simple and there are so many options for play! I had so much fun choosing the colors and prints (yes, there’s another one to be made) that I almost didn’t make it out of the store.

For Lily, a self-proclaimed “girlie girl” (4 years old and knows darn well who she is and proud of it), there had to be pink. Most assuredly! The texture of the suiting was wonderful, but a bit of a pain to work with. I hate when fabrics won’t lay still and do what I say, when I say it. But I eventually “wrassled it down and hog tied it” into submission.

I learned a couple neat tricks while working on this pattern, particularly about shoulders on a fully lined dress bodice. Learned that slow is fast (though I should already know that one after years of messing up because I got too excited to slow myself down). And I learned that a self-lubricating sewing machine is absolutely wonderful and I no longer feel anxious about having bought it!

I can’t say enough how much I loved this fabric (and I have extra! Scrappy projects here I come)! And the buttons! I got purple ones for the other little dress (for Miss Kassi who will be turning a year old in October). I’m resisting the urge to make a dolly sized one… and a doll to go with it. A hippity hoppity tooth bunny dolly ’cause soon enough Lily’s going to hit that age and all the little baby teeth are going to come popping out and her big-girl teeth are going to start coming in… Ah, children.

And now… the full monty!

Terrible photos, I know, but Miss Capa approves! And on that note, I must be off to deliver the finished product (before Miss Capa decides the dress makes for a wonderfully soft and comfy bed).

Warm regards,


Miss Me In May


Sometimes I stop to smell the flowers… and just stay there. I think the hardest part of being unemployed and looking for a job is the depression and anxiety… And I get distracted from things I need to do because I’m busy distracting myself from the D/A. I promised myself when I started this that I’d keep going. And I fully intend to! I just had to give myself a swift kick in the pants and hopefully I’m back on course!

Summer has fully set in at the MidMod house and we’ve been putting our alls into the yard and garden! The walk got a fresh coat of paint and, to the our happy astonishment, looks like we poured new concrete instead! (For which I am truly happy seeing as I can hardly stand a painted walk!) What’s more, not twenty minutes after we’d finished and hied ourselves off for showers did it come pouring down!

It was just a torrent of rain. Heavy, large drops crashing down while thunder rumbled and boomed about… all the while it was brightly sunny. We’re very lucky – the heat had already baked the paint and our efforts weren’t for waste.

On and on and on… steam rising and filling the air. Such a nice way to end a hot summers day. We even were the proud recipients of a stunningly bright and dazzling rainbow or two. (I couldn’t get a clear shot of the double rainbow while we were driving. Poo.)

We sure could use that again! Not that yesterday’s windstorm wasn’t helpful for cooling off, but our newly planted flowers in our newly tilled garden could use some hearty rain full of nutrients! The spiderwort is looking rather ragged and the daylillies are displeased with being transplanted on such a hot weekend.

Between planting things and painting walks, we’ve had some pretty exciting weekends this last month, what with the Blue Angels flying over head…

The light was poor but you can just make out US NAVY on the wing. All 6 of them, right over the top of the house in the final formation. Scared the wits out of the cats and sent them scrambling to hide under cars and bushes. We got a few photos, but most didn’t come out – too overcast and too fast moving.

Last week I learned how to make the non-lap cat into a lap cat. The secret, at least with Miss Capa, is give her a bath! She’ll find her damp way into your dry lap and nest there for an hour. Of course, it meant I had to change pants (again) but it was worth it.

Speaking of worth it! The baby blanket finally arrived in Okinawa (a month later than planned)! I think Kassi likes the bunny more than the blanket and I really wish I’d thought to put a bell or a rattle in its head before stitching it all together. (Maybe next time?) She shakes it around until she lets go of it and it flies off somewhere for her to chase. Reminds me of my cat who likes to play fetch… with herself.

I’m looking forward to seeing them in just a few short weeks. Plans are set and lips are sealed. Surprises await.

Also working on a new hooky project in the form of a Catherine Wheel bag…

Something fun for summer and it’ll allow me experience lining a crochet piece.

Yesterday I took some time to tramp through the woods and experience nature, uncultivated. Five miles of happy trailing filled with rocky river beds and some amazing massive sinkholes… (few of which I got photos of because my battery was dying)… and one teeny tiny…

Mini-mantis! And some wonderful areas of where water sometimes moves…

Phew that was a lot going on… Maybe I’m not so lazy after all? Yeah, I don’t believe myself either. Really enjoying my chair and vantage point… especially as I just watched a woman in a silver Ford stop in front of my house, climb out of the car, and steal the local newspaper out of my driveway in broad daylight.

My dog is giving me the nap-time-eyes and I think I’ll join him. Hope everyone has had a happy May!

Warm regards,

Whew, what a week!


It’s been busy… Between stormy, hooky Thursday (complete with bowls of warm cawl and spongy bread). Super frantic family Friday (filled with homemade blueberry muffins, happy hooky flowers, and bubbling lasagna). Springtime retaining wall building Satruday (boy am I sore!). And lazy antique hunting Easter Sunday (few open places, but we managed a couple hits). I’m pooped! I can hardly believe it’s been four days since I had a moment to sit down with this thing. (I’ll admit to being a little distracted anyway. Half napping, half watching NCIS while my Mam snoozes on the sofa – though she’s the one who suggested we needed a bit of Jethro.)

Despite the rain, we had some pretty mornings. (Missy kept me company in the sitting room as I hooked away. She matches the tea set rather perfectly, I think.)

And some dog-day afternoons. (Indy snuffled around while I took a break to feel the sun on my face.)

And I even managed to sit down and finish the hooky blankie project. All that’s left is to attach the flowers and put it to post! Six plus balls of yarn, 1.200 plus yards, thousands and thousands of stitches, more hours than I bothered counting, and lots and lots of love… all for my darling little niece.

She really is a spunky little thing! Check out those shades! All dolled up for Easter (which was yesterday for them) and crawling through the clover. So serious too! It’s mean business, crawling. I think she’s mad she’s not running yet.

Speaking of running, I best do so myself. Happy holiday!

Warm regards,

Good morning, sleepyhead…


Capa says, fair weather good morning to ya! It is a lovely Wednesday morning here. The sun is bright, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the bag of yarn is packed and ready to get to the tasks ahead of me. Oh and my niece is officially 6 months old! Crawling, pulling up, blowing raspberries, teething on teeny Japanese Coca-Cola cans, and generally running my sister-in-law ragged!

After a lazy morning of setting up Instagram for Android (super excited, if you can’t already tell!) and acquiring a Tumblr account (look at me, getting all fancy now) to collect all my pretties on, we’re taking my car to get a quote on fixing my front fender. The poor TARDIS (yep, that’s her name) had a run in with a Land Rover (in an effort to avoid getting punched by a Punch-Buggy) when I was living in Richmond; and now that I’m back home she’s getting dolled up and made pretty again. Long overdue. Hence the traveling yarn bag… The blanket will be done for shipping tomorrow!

Nattering done, I’m off to find the sun… or at the least, find a relatively clean hole in Stevie’s shop where I can crochet as he looks over my poor darling. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Warm regards,