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Lazy Lady Living Large


Say that five times fast. Phew! Must be alliteration day.

Alright, so I thought I’d be better at this than I have been. I didn’t exactly mean to go three weeks without a single post… and while I’ve had time, per se, I haven’t had much to talk about. It’s been rather dull around the Cat House – not that nothing has been going on, but rather it’s just been the same old same old. We’ve planted more in the garden, sealed the drive, and finally finished cutting down the 45-year-old overgrown privet hedge. Nothing to lend itself to photographing or talking about… or things too tiring to have the energy to talk about.

It’s been terribly hot of late – the hottest I’ve seen an April in many a-year. And after many days of overcast heat, muggy and taunting of rain, it finally happened. Watching the steam rise from the pavement was rewarding, even if it was extra humid and still a little too warm.

As well as cooling things off a bit, the rain has given the Yuccas a burst of bloom. Somewhat sad they’ll be moving to a new home here in the near future.

What mother doesn’t know, won’t hurt her. There’s a special reason why I was so intent on getting the guest room turned storage room back into form – other than the obvious one of needing craft space. Indeed, unless the unforeseen happens we will be having guests next month! And for a whole month at that! But it’s hush hush. Loose lips sink ships and while Bev couldn’t manage to surprise Mother for her birthday, I’m a secret keeper and good at it.

Now that I’ve set up the (temporary) crafts room I just had to make something! And what better to do as a one day project than to make a cover for my new Tablet! I should really say that it technically took more than one day (and more than one try) to get the design down since I had to make it up… no Burda or Butterick patterns here.

I had a lot of fun with this, picking the fabrics and putting it together. One try got scrapped, one turned out slightly too small before I had gotten very far and became a pillow cover instead (up-cycling for the win)… and well they do say, third time’s the charm. I do love the colours and I have plenty of scrap to make some other fun projects with – now if I can find that vintage macramé book I know’s around here somewhere!

And lastly… we’ve made headway on the stained glass project! This was a commissioned piece, my first working faux stained glass – and let me tell you, it’s fun and frustrating all at the same time! I’ve had the designed laid out for a while now and was slowly magpie-ing the supplies necessary to get it started. The hardest part, I discovered, is keeping my hand from shaking while squeezing the lead-look stuff out of the bottle. We’re certainly getting there! It’s definitely something I have to work on in spats. I made the mistake of spending a while day lining it and my back and hands paid for it later. I’m really excited about it – the craftiness is one thing, but actually working on an art piece is something I’ve missed… even if I’m not designing jewellery and wielding a torch, it’s still very rewarding to think this will be displayed in someone’s home.

Today, though, it’s planting (potting some palms for the patio) and dentist… hopefully the last I’ll see of him until I get my bridge done in December. Getting rather tired of having a case of numb-face once a week.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Warm regards,