Darned good!


Despite adversity and disappointments in job hunting, root canals and other appointments of doom: It’s done! All the ends are darned, the edge is lacy and girly, the flower is tightly attached, and we’re ready to go! I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. My first blanket! Using the best inspiration possible: auntie’s love. I made some mistakes, but one is bound to with their first version of something. All in all, I think it turned out nearly perfect and I’m satisfied with that. Frilly and pretty and strong enough to withstand the abuse it will have put to it by a growing child.

I even whipped up a little bunny for her as an Easter gift as well as ‘oops it’s late, here’s a bit more’. He was fun to make and another first, venturing into the world of softies/amigurumi.

Hoppy bunny and stripy blanket are ready to get boxed and shipped off to Okinawa. Fair travels, hooky projects! May you make someone very happy for a very long time!

This has been a wonderful adventure! There have been sore hands and sore heads, frustrated scowls and hisses of ‘cachi’, a bit of frogging, and a lot of love and excitement. I’m both glad and sad it’s over. Glad because it can now go to the little girl it was dreamt up for. Sad because all I’ll have left of it is scraps, memories, and photos. I feel really accomplished!

Hope your Monday was as positive!

Warm regards,

About Auntie Am

My name is Am and I love crafting... so much so that I spent my degree on it. I crochet, sew, felt, solder, hammer, and set... amongst other things. I have the cutest niece that I have yet to meet. And I'm extremely flattered that you're taking even an instant to glance at my ramblings!

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