Whew, what a week!


It’s been busy… Between stormy, hooky Thursday (complete with bowls of warm cawl and spongy bread). Super frantic family Friday (filled with homemade blueberry muffins, happy hooky flowers, and bubbling lasagna). Springtime retaining wall building Satruday (boy am I sore!). And lazy antique hunting Easter Sunday (few open places, but we managed a couple hits). I’m pooped! I can hardly believe it’s been four days since I had a moment to sit down with this thing. (I’ll admit to being a little distracted anyway. Half napping, half watching NCIS while my Mam snoozes on the sofa – though she’s the one who suggested we needed a bit of Jethro.)

Despite the rain, we had some pretty mornings. (Missy kept me company in the sitting room as I hooked away. She matches the tea set rather perfectly, I think.)

And some dog-day afternoons. (Indy snuffled around while I took a break to feel the sun on my face.)

And I even managed to sit down and finish the hooky blankie project. All that’s left is to attach the flowers and put it to post! Six plus balls of yarn, 1.200 plus yards, thousands and thousands of stitches, more hours than I bothered counting, and lots and lots of love… all for my darling little niece.

She really is a spunky little thing! Check out those shades! All dolled up for Easter (which was yesterday for them) and crawling through the clover. So serious too! It’s mean business, crawling. I think she’s mad she’s not running yet.

Speaking of running, I best do so myself. Happy holiday!

Warm regards,

About Auntie Am

My name is Am and I love crafting... so much so that I spent my degree on it. I crochet, sew, felt, solder, hammer, and set... amongst other things. I have the cutest niece that I have yet to meet. And I'm extremely flattered that you're taking even an instant to glance at my ramblings!

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