Good morning, sleepyhead…


Capa says, fair weather good morning to ya! It is a lovely Wednesday morning here. The sun is bright, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the bag of yarn is packed and ready to get to the tasks ahead of me. Oh and my niece is officially 6 months old! Crawling, pulling up, blowing raspberries, teething on teeny Japanese Coca-Cola cans, and generally running my sister-in-law ragged!

After a lazy morning of setting up Instagram for Android (super excited, if you can’t already tell!) and acquiring a Tumblr account (look at me, getting all fancy now) to collect all my pretties on, we’re taking my car to get a quote on fixing my front fender. The poor TARDIS (yep, that’s her name) had a run in with a Land Rover (in an effort to avoid getting punched by a Punch-Buggy) when I was living in Richmond; and now that I’m back home she’s getting dolled up and made pretty again. Long overdue. Hence the traveling yarn bag… The blanket will be done for shipping tomorrow!

Nattering done, I’m off to find the sun… or at the least, find a relatively clean hole in Stevie’s shop where I can crochet as he looks over my poor darling. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Warm regards,

About Auntie Am

My name is Am and I love crafting... so much so that I spent my degree on it. I crochet, sew, felt, solder, hammer, and set... amongst other things. I have the cutest niece that I have yet to meet. And I'm extremely flattered that you're taking even an instant to glance at my ramblings!

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