Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…


Well, we might be missing the silver bells and the cockle shells… and the pretty maids, but we have the garden! And what a beautiful day for it! Mother and I got out early, sneaking up to the nursery before the rest of the town had roused themselves from their beds. And behold! Floral wonders!

I’m thinking about finding her a garden fairy and sneaking it in amongst the flowers. We were a bit rushed at the end, as the sky darkened a bit and the thunder started rumbling. Of course, it stayed to the south of us and we had to resort to the sprinkler.

We planted the Four O’Clock seeds in the backyard, just like Mama Jean would when I was a child. Hopefully we’ll see them start to grow in the next few weeks.

And just as good as planting new flowers… is watching the Dogwoods bloom! The one out back is a bit sparse, but I think it’s younger and gets a bit less sun. The one out front however…

It’s almost finished blooming, and the petals are beginning to turn and fall… but it’s still gorgeous.

Flower island: planted.
Sweet tea: ready for sipping on the patio.
Baby blanket… is calling me back to hookie time. No Easter arrival for it, but that’s okay. The day was too nice to spend indoors and the flowers were calling. Hope it was as beautiful a day for you too!

Warm regards,

About Auntie Am

My name is Am and I love crafting... so much so that I spent my degree on it. I crochet, sew, felt, solder, hammer, and set... amongst other things. I have the cutest niece that I have yet to meet. And I'm extremely flattered that you're taking even an instant to glance at my ramblings!

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