I love Friday mornings. Especially ones like today. I have a cat in the window – and one in the clothes basket! There’s sunlight and the Dogwoods are in bloom, brighting the green of the surrounding trees with white and pink. My morning coffee is dregs and there’s a feeling of peace. Ah, Spring, how I love you! I feel like I’m buzzing with creativity just breathing!

There’s one week until Easter weekend… and today is a hussel day for me. Why? Because I have a baby blanket to finish, photograph, and stuff into a box so it can make its way to Okinawa, Japan! We’re going global! I’m so excited! Alright, alright… calming down. Backing it up. Let’s start here…

Would you believe the Easter-y colours were accidental? I didn’t even realise it until I started getting a few rows in… Destiny! Even more destiny? I grabbed the first empty small box I could find to put my yarns in… which just so happened to be the ModCloth box from my birthday present! I think I’ll keep using this box for ‘project of the moment’ yarns.

This cute little thing (growing as quickly as a baby!) is for my niece, Kasia. My brother, D, is in the USAF so I’ve yet to meet her, hold her in my arms. But soon! We’re keeping fingers crossed and lips locked about a potential visit. Shhh, don’t tell!

I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on this blanket. I just want to plough through so I can get to the trim and flowers, but I also want to take my time and enjoy the process. It’s better this way… less time to grow attached to it. Well, I suppose I’d better stop typing and get stitching if I want to send it out with this weekend’s packages!

Warm regards,

About Auntie Am

My name is Am and I love crafting... so much so that I spent my degree on it. I crochet, sew, felt, solder, hammer, and set... amongst other things. I have the cutest niece that I have yet to meet. And I'm extremely flattered that you're taking even an instant to glance at my ramblings!

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